Support is growing for our petition to curb demand for singe-use bags in Bermuda by introducing a 25c fee per bag at point-of-sale.

B.E.S.T. (Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce) expressed their unequivocal support commenting "Totally agree and fully support!". Today, The Royal Gazette added their support stating "This newspaper fully supports this petition."


The Bermuda Department of Planning is in the process of issuing a new residential building code, which emphasises that energy efficiency is not mandatory.

They defend their reluctance to impose mandatory minimum standards claiming it would require many sectors of the community and construction industry to agree with the 'green movement' and the concept of 'energy efficient' in its entirety...

Dellwood_2In celebration of Earth Day, Greenrock and the Bermuda National Trust invite you to a film festival screening the submissions to our second Earth Day Student Video Film Festival.

The Screening and Prize-giving will be held at the Bermuda College from 6-7pm in Room H100.

Dr. The Hon. Grant GibbonsGreenrock met with the Ministry for Economic Development last week and made a forceful case for setting goals for energy conservation and for having a clear plan to meet the targets set in the Energy White Paper.

eh_fire_jugglingThe Earth Hour Expo was held at City Hall on March 23rd, hosted by Greenrock and the Earth Hour Council.

At 8pm the Deputy Mayor, Donal Smith welcomed the assembled crowd of about 600 and was joined by Minister Grant Gibbons who expressed the Government's commitment to saving energy both within Government and for Bermuda as a whole.

Earth Hour - Finger on light switchEarth Hour is all about images. It is about one finger on a light switch, which has an impact visible from space. It is a global movement that is pitting positive energy against the seemingly relentless bad news of global climate disruption and disaster.

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Greenrock announces the winners of the 2nd Annual Green Workplace Awards

Earlier this year, in partnership with the Bottom Line Magazine, Greenrock conducted the second annual Green Workplace Awards. This required companies, schools and Government departments, led by their Green Teams, to rethink they way they do business in order to save money and tread more likely on the planet.

2013_recyclingIf you MUST throw something away, please RECYCLE where it's an option.

The Ministry of Public Works have issued the pdf 2013 Garbage and Recycling Schedule.

TAG recyclables are collected bi-weekly.

Rinse out tins, aluminum and glass, place in blue bag(s) and place out for collection every other week per calendar.


In Bermuda, more than one quarter of our greenhouse gases are emitted from road transportation.

The good news is that there are lots of easy ways to make our cars, trucks, buses and bikes more energy efficient, which both reduces your carbon footprint and saves you money.

toyota-prius-cGreenrock has long advocated the position that electric vehicles are ideal in Bermuda, preferably allied with a charging infrastructure and time-of-day electricity tariffs that encourage charging at night. However, there are currently few electric vehicles available in Bermuda and those that are are not always practical.

So what is a good choice?

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