Greenrock is pleased to announce The 3rd Annual Green Workplace Awards

A 'green' office is cheaper to run, healthier for employees, more resilient in the face of changing costs and better for the planet. To recognize companies who do an outstanding job of 'greening' their operations, Greenrock, in partnership with The Bottom Line Magazine, is launching the Third Annual Green Workplace Awards. Registration is accepted online until October 15th; final submissions are due December 7th.

turtleChicken of the sea was the brand made famous by an unaware celebrity who confused tuna with (swimming) poultry. Thankfully, the disconnect between the spoils of the ocean and consumers is not nearly as great in Bermuda. Interestingly though, the Blue Halo public consultation initiated by the Government of Bermuda has evoked a wide range of opinions.

MRFWhat do these items have in common? While all of these items may be found for sale on local classified websites, they are also a selection of goods that can be processed in Bermuda at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

DSC01383Most of us send our kids off to school (or receive them if we are teachers) with the best of sustainable intentions. We have handed down uniforms, recycled last year's supplies where possible, and packed a trash-free lunch. Once they get to school what more can we do? Here are a few ideas for parents, teachers and students to try out:

elliot growBack in 2009, Greenrock launched its Healthy Harvest initiative, by establishing community gardens and orchards on the island, in the hope of helping to reignite community interest in local food production.

Why eat local you ask?

windreachIn April 2011, with generous support from sponsor Catlin, Greenrock started to develop, plant and maintain a series of community gardens and orchards across Bermuda.

Our first Healthy Harvest community garden was officially opened in June 2012. Since then three additional community gardens have been established, with ground breaking on two more set to start within the next few weeks.

BELCO diesel enginesIf we had the opportunity to start from scratch today, would we choose to build a large, oil-fired power plant back o' town to supply all of our electricity needs? If the answer is 'no' (and believe me, the answer is most certainly 'no') then what the alternative? This is not a hypothetical question. Many of the diesel engines at BELCO are old with some already past their normal working life.

SAGE-Commission-Award-WinnersThe SAGE Commission today announced the winners of awards in a programme designed to involve the public as well as members of the Civil and Public Service in the Commission’s review of the Bermuda Government.

Best Overall Entry was awarded to Magnus Henagulph for his submission which calls on Government to save money by being more energy efficient and prudent in their use of general resources.

Bermuda Bag Monsters - Earth Day 2013 001The Bag Monster has raised it's ugly head; it has emerged from under the sink and been seen around the island, and reactions have been interesting.

Greenrock launched a petition on Earth Day (April 22nd) to ask Government to mandate a 25c charge for single-use plastic and paper bags. The ultimate goal is to cut down on the number of bags we use.

seaThe Ministry of Environment and Planning today released a document detailing the issues associated with the creation of a reserve — Bermuda’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Its Future.

Government declared Bermuda's EEZ a Marine Mammal Sanctuary a year ago, and continue to be involved in the Blue Halo project in collaboration with the Sargasso Sea Alliance (SSA) and the Bermuda Alliance for Sargasso Sea (BASS).

film_reel_genericGreenrock and the Bermuda National Trust announced the winners in this year’s Earth Day Student Video Competition, with students from BHS, Dellwood and Warwick Academy making the top three.

This year there were 12 videos submitted, and 35 students were involved from public and private schools across the island. The competition gives students a voice to share their ideas and concerns in a creative medium...

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