The ministeries and newly appointed ministers primarily responsible for the various aspects of sustainable development are;

Sylvan_Richards Trevor_Moniz Grant_Gibbons
Minister of The Environment and Planning
Sylvan Richards
Minister of Public Works
The Hon. Trevor Moniz
Minister of Economic Development
Dr. The Hon. Grant Gibbons
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Each Member of Cabinet is appointed by the Premier. All Members of Cabinet are given the title Ministers; whom are party representatives within the Legislature.


Ministerial responsibility refers both to the collective responsibility that Ministers share for government policy and actions and to Ministers’ individual responsibility to Parliament for their department’s work. The doctrine of collective responsibility means that the Cabinet acts unanimously even when Cabinet Ministers do not all agree on a subject. The policy of departmental Ministers must be consistent with the policy of the Government as a whole. Once the Government’s policy on a matter has been decided, each Minister is expected to support it or resign. On rare occasions, Ministers have been allowed free votes in Parliament on matters involving important issues of conscience.

The individual responsibility of a Minister for the work of his or her department means that, as political head of the department, he or she is answerable for all its acts or omissions. The Minister must bear the consequences of any defect of administration, any injustice to an individual or any aspect of policy which may be criticized in Parliament, whether personally responsible or not. Since most Ministers are members of the House of Assembly, they must answer questions and defend themselves against criticism in person. Departmental Ministers in the Senate are represented in the House of Assembly by someone qualified to speak on their behalf.

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