blue haloThe Ministry of Environment and Planning today released a document detailing the issues associated with the creation of a reserve — Bermuda’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Its Future.

Government declared Bermuda's EEZ a Marine Mammal Sanctuary a year ago, and continue to be involved in the Blue Halo project in collaboration with the Sargasso Sea Alliance (SSA) and the Bermuda Alliance for Sargasso Sea (BASS).

Greenrock is a proud partner in the Bermuda Alliance for Sargasso Sea (BASS) — a collaboration of ten local organisations seeking to protect the Sargasso Sea, and in support of the Blue Halo reserve.

The proposed reserve would be a “no-take” zone, prohibiting fishing and sea bed mining in the protected area.

According to Mr Richards, Government does not have a predetermined outcome in mind, but will instead be asking the public to respond to the question: Do you think a marine reserve should be established in the offshore waters of Bermuda’s Exclusive Economic Zone?

A series of television, radio and print advertisements will be made and public meetings will be held to help educate the public about the costs and benefits of such a proposal, he added.

Greenrock says... Please vote for either

  • Option 1: Yes – Protect ¾ of the EEZ (346,340 km²)
  • Option 5: Yes – Bermuda should create a marine reserve in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), but I would propose a different design (size, location, shape and protections). (Please attach your design.)
    Attach the following comment/ design;
    "If we made the marine reserve from 50 miles to 200 miles (as opposed to starting at 85 miles) then the new Marine Protected Area would be larger than the Great Barrier Reef, and there is considerable evidence to suggest that the tourism benefits would increase significantly without any impact on current fishing or recreational practice."


The Consultation Document follows below [PDF Here]

To learn more about The Bermuda Blue Halo, watch the video below or visit the Bermuda Blue Halo official website —


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