Nice coverage of Greenrock's Savings for Seniors project in today's End to End supplement of the Royal Gazette.

Savings for Seniors helps senior citizens to reduce their electricity bills. The project is a partnership between Greenrock and Age Concern and was made possible by a generous grant in 2013 from Catlin End-to-End Bermuda.

savings for seniors bdasunA new project jointly provided by Age Concern and Greenrock has seen seniors saving money on their energy bills.

Savings for Seniors has been beneficial for seniors as well as the environment, according to project manager and Greenrock volunteer Mike Kisala.

aquacultureToday [Jan 29] Minister Trevor Moniz announced that Sandys Secondary Middle School have been granted Bermuda's first ever aquaculture license, which they will use to farm tilapia.

Aquaculture, also known as 'aquafarming', is the farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, crustaceans, molluscs and aquatic plants. In 2013, over 90% of the shrimp and prawns consumed around the world were 'farmed'.

EH2014 Facebook Profile PicOne of the Island’s leading insurance companies has pledged its support for an initiative aimed at raising awareness about the environment.

The Colonial Group will turn off all its lights for an hour at its Reid Street offices in the run-up to Earth Hour on Saturday, March 29.

solar bermudaSolar energy firms have called for power company Belco to adopt a Caymans-style agreement to buy back excess power generated by the sun from commercial generators.

LNG tankerBermuda could have imported liquefied natural gas as an alternative to costly oil in as little as three to five years if all falls into place.

This from Ascendant Group president and CEO Walt Higgins, who says residents could see a savings of at least 15 percent on their electricity bills.

recycled flooringWhen business owner Denise Richardson took her company to a new site in a Pembroke industrial park, she settled on an innovative way of brightening her concrete surroundings.

"I decided to think outside the box," the head of Sprint International Express explained of her businesses' wooden floors.

belco plantROYAL GAZETTE, 21 FEB 2014 -- Power firm BELCO's monopoly on energy supply will be broken, Finance Minister Bob Richards said in his Budget speech.

Mr Richards said the firm's lack of competition was a contributing factor to the Island's failure to climb out of the recession.

The Waste Management Section of the Ministry of Public Works have advised the public of the upcoming delivery of the 2014 Garbage and Recycling Schedule.

3D farming brendan smithThis TEDX Bermuda talk was arguably one of the most engaging talks of the day not least due to its relevance to Bermuda.

Bren Smith spoke about the huge economic and environmental benefits of 3D ocean farming which he pioneered in Long Island Sound. He described Bermuda as an ideal location for the farms that produce shellfish and seaweed for food, fuel and fertilizers. They could point to the potential for a whole new sustainable fishing industry — a “blue green economy” in our shores.

brown widow spiderWinter edition of Envirotalk from the Ministry of Health and Enviroment.

Widow Spider identification, Citrus Leaf Miner updates, butterflies, Winter planting schedule and more.

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