Victor Scott School students, teachers and parents planted a cherry tree donated by Mr. Omari Dill (center) of Unity Edible Landscaping & Agiculture Consultants in memory of those Victor Scott families who have lost loved ones to the recent gun violence.

We are not alone

If you've lived on this rock in the middle of the Atlantic for more than a day, you know that there are almost as many opinions about water as there are Bermudians.

kbb-bermuda-clean-up-day-31.jpgIt was polka dots from one end of the Island to the other, said one volunteer who participated in KBB’s Spring Clean over the weekend. They were referring to the distinct polka dots on the Happy Trash bags that are being used by KBB volunteers to give Bermuda a Spring Clean.

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Greenrock has teamed up with the Department of Cultural Affairs to give Heritage Month a green theme.

"We are pleased to be involved in this project with a government body because many things we did yesteryear were very sustainable and our lifestyles were simpler," says Eugene Dean of Greenrock.

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Michael Burke with his e-ride all electirc vehicle.  If you could save thousands of dollars in gas and hundreds of dollars on car maintenance would you?

Well in case the answer is yes, longtime environmental activist Michael Burke has recently imported the ingenious e-ride, an all electric vehicle which might be perfect for Bermuda's roads.

He says the van requires little to no maintenance and costs around one and a half cents per mile to run. Compared to the antiquated Internal Combustion Engine, the e-ride is the wave .....

Watch this special 90 minute episode of Let's Talk featuring Greenrock! and The Story of Stuff to learn the downside of all the production required to support the consumer driven society in which we live.

speak_up.jpgWhat role renewable energy may play towards energy security in Small Island States (SIS) 


1. In what way does Greenrock feel renewable energy may be beneficial to Bermuda?

Here are the primary benefits for developing renewable energy sources in Bermuda:

(1)  Stabilizing the cost of living: The cost of living in Bermuda is one of the highest in the world compared to big cities like Hong Kong, London, and New York City.  One of the reasons that make Bermuda so expensive is its cost of energy.  We rely heavily on a single source of energy produced by a private utility that primarily generates energy using fossil fuels - low grade oil and propane gas.  So from a social perspective, finding ways to produce energy from renewable source that is not exposed to the volatility of oil supply will be in the long run better for the people living in Bermuda.

rg_19may2010.jpegMessage to tell: The Outdoor Cinema at Harbour Nights plays a commercial. It was used to raise awareness about sustainability and the importance of being "Green" yesterday eveing. Startime's BIG Screen came alive on Front Street to showcase an informative film, which will encouraged a more sustainable lifestyle. The film was called 'Bag it'.
Stuart Hayward, leader of the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability (BEST)If everyone went online to measure their carbon footprint, and made it a personal quest to keep this measure of environmental impact as small as possible, the Earth would be much better off. That's according to the leader of the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability (BEST), Stuart Hayward...

Green or greed? That is the question being posed to the community as students go head to head with movers and shakers in the worlds of politics and commerce this month.

The Island's top high school debaters are to take on adult experts in business and politics to discuss, 'Is Bermuda focused on being green or is it influenced primarily by greed?'.

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Editor's Note: Click here for a sneak preview of the 'Bag It' documentary.
heritage_month_2010_sml.jpgGREENROCK says: We are proud to be part of this year's Heritage Month theme: Green: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Greenrock has been working with the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs to help create a policy and launch a campaign for going "green". This Dept feels if we are expecting the public to accept and adopt good environmental habits then the department should offer clear evidence that Government too should practice and believe what Government preaches.

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