The Ombudsman for Bermuda, Arlene Brock, has found that Government "acted unlawfully by failing to require an Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] prior to sending the draft Tuckers Point Special Development Order [SDO] to the Legislature."

Greenrock to benefit from “Dollars for Hours” project led by PartnerRe Ltd.

Eight secondary schools will earn $30,000 each when their students team up with local charities again under the “Dollars for Hours” project led by PartnerRe Ltd.

“Dollars For Hours: Youth and Community in Partnership” will distribute a total of $240,000 to public and private schools, and give hands-on support to local charities.

“This is the sixth time that PartnerRe has paired local charities with the secondary schools, bringing our total Dollars for Hours donation to over $1,240,000 since the program’s inception in 2006,” said PartnerRe President and CEO Costas Miranthis.

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54186aWEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14: Commuters are being encouraged to carpool in an initiative aimed at reducing both C02 emissions and traffic congestion across the island.

The community effort, being spearheaded by education officer at the National Trust Abbie Caldas, culminates in the Cut the Carbon Out of the Commute event on September 22.

Walter_Roban_-_AR-709289944Ace has managed to cut its electricity bill by 12 percent compared to five years ago in the process of becoming Bermuda’s first LEED (Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design) certified building.’s what we can do with them


Bermuda is a country rich in natural resources - perhaps not diamonds or metals - but bathed in sun and surrounded by water and wind. Compared to most of the world, we have a huge resource of sunshine, not only useful for attracting tourists, but for making our own power.

AR-709219955Government shouldn’t widen Town Cut to bring in tourists who traditionally spend little, insisted new Greenrock president Judith Landsberg yesterday.

Media reports have said a study recommends doubling its width and removing large parts of three islands Dr Landsberg said the decision didn’t seem to make sense economically.

Check out the latest edition of Envirotalk from Bermuda's Department of Environmental Protection.

In this issue –

  • Dr. Jonathan Nisbett, Government Veterinary Officer, details anincident concerning stranded cattle travelling to Turkey.
  • Mark Rowe, Hydrogeologist, talks with us about rainwater harvesting, roof catchments and supplemental water sources.
  • The Department of Conservation Services’ Conservation Officer, Jeremy Madeiros, updates us on the Cahow Recovery Project.
  • Check and see what is worth planting this summer in our summer planting calendar.

pdf Envirotalk - Summer 2011 - Volume 79 No. 2

Judith_54273aHaving a healthy environment will help tackle many problems in Bermuda, including the economy and gang violence.

This is according to new Greenrock president Judith Landsberg who spoke at the Hamilton Rotary today.

bike_lanesGreenrock says: Recently in Costa Rica, two college students who were travelling together were stuck in a typical traffic jam. At the same time on the radio, there was a discussion about the benefits of carpooling. The two students listening to the programme looked around and noticed that every vehicle around them had just one person inside.

Hydration_station2Eco-friendly water dispensers may appear on Hamilton’s streets, after the City approved a motion from the environmental group Greenrock to introduce ‘hydration stations’.

If Greenrock’s pilot scheme proves successful, the group intends to install more of them around the Island.

electric carElectric vehicles have been around for years, but it's only recently that manufacturers are starting to push the vehicles' consumer benefits.

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