tree_recycleThe Ministry of Public Works Waste Management section will collect Christmas Trees in the east-end on Wednesday, 12th January and in the west end on Wednesday, 19th January. Trees should be left at the normal residential waste set out locations.

Wadsons_Farm_MarketBy email from Tom Wadson

Wadson's Home Farm Market hours are Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm and Satudays 9am-1pm.

We have a rich variety of fresh, local, organically grown vegetables and meats.

Tom_WatsonThe turkey orders are coming thick and fast for Tom Wadson — it's that time of year again.

His farm, Luke's Farm, in Southampton is a hive of activity boasting fields full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Bermuda_patchPlastic and other garbage from the North American mainland being drawn into a recently identified vortex near the island isn’t accumulating in the amounts scientists had feared — leading researchers to label the North Atlantic gyre a real Bermuda Triangle where trash seemingly disappears.

Mill_CreekA proposed new project at Mill Creek could help reduce flooding in the area - while also helping the local eel population. The Development Applications Board was scheduled to debate the construction of a culvert on Mill Creek Road to regulate the tidal range in the creek. Its decision is not yet know.

Kevon_MakellBermuda’s alternative energy industry has really taken off over the past year with a big rise in the number of companies entering the market.

But the one constant has been PureNERGY Renewables, the sister company of Belco, which was formed two years ago and is headed by general manager Kevon Makell.

solar_panel_bermudaA recently introduced energy buy-back programme and a handful of Government incentives have seen a boost in the adoption of renewable energy on the Island. Companies that install solar energy systems have told The Royal Gazette the number of installations ordered have doubled.

smoke_pollutionNew research suggests rising levels of greenhouse gasses could affect Bermuda’s marine ecosystem as the oceans become more acidic.

Research by UC Merced marine biologist Michael Beman, co-authored by a team including researchers at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS), suggested that increased carbon dioxide in the air could impact all forms of sea life.

sargasso_nitrogen_cyclingBermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences researchers Andreas Andersson and Nicholas Bates were part of a groundbreaking  US National Science Foundation study on how increasing acidity in the sea’s waters may fundamentally change how nitrogen is cycled in them (a water sample being taken in the Sargasso Sea north-east of Bermuda during the course of the study is shown at left).

St_George_HotelFinancing has been agreed 'in principle' for the new waterfront hotel and marina in St George's — provisionally called The George Hotel.

Developers gave additional details of the ambitious project at a public meeting in the old town last night.

duckThe Bermuda Audobon Society is encouraging Bermudians to give a gift to both future generations of Bermudians as well as our feathered inhabitants this Christmas — a restored Seymour’s Pond.

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