The primary sponsors of Global Entrepreneurship Week Bermuda are the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy's Department of Energy, HSBC and Belco, while programme partners include the Departments of Energy and E-Commerce, BSBDC, Greenrock, and the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Kim Wilson said yesterday: "This is the third year that BSBDC has participated in this global recognition of entrepreneurship. Bermuda joins over 100 countries from around the world in celebration of entrepreneurship during this week.

"Through the BSBDC sponsored initiatives, the Rocket Pitch Competition, Launch Pad, Face-2-Face essay contest and eMonday, we are proud to continue to encourage people of all ages to reach towards their entrepreneurial goals and dreams.

"The purpose of GEW is to emphasise innovation and imagination. GEW seeks to also encourage creativity among existing and new entrepreneurs around the world and Bermuda is no exception."

Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Minister David Burch said local challenges "designed to encourage young people to unleash their ideas", included:

• The Greenrock Innovation Tournament, conducted in cooperation with the Department of Energy, invites all Bermudians to submit innovative solutions for sustainable products or systems that can "Change the Mindset" of transportation in Bermuda

• The Belco Sustainability Challenge conducted by the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative in cooperation with the Department of Energy, calls for senior school-age students to conceive of innovative solutions to everyday problems based on energy technologies.

"This is an exciting and unique opportunity for Bermudian young people to demonstrate their imagination and entrepreneurial spirit," Sen. Burch said. "I thank all those involved and encourage participants to let their imaginations roam well beyond our 22 square miles."

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