Agua Caliente Solar Project, Arizona USA (626GWh)Agua Caliente Solar Project, Arizona USA (626GWh)

Of course that's not exactly accurate as there are other costs besides just the panels. Notably, the Agua Caliente installation went for a very cost efficient model. The panels are thin film cells manufactured by First Solar that are cheaper on a per watt basis than those manufactured from crystalline silicon. The plant also does not use a tracking module to point the panels at the sun - another cost savings. This is a case of Swanson's Law in action. Maximising the sheer number of panels and getting the most solar bang for the buck. If Swanson's Law continues to prove true, don't expect Agua Caliente to hold onto its number 1 position for long.

Of course, solar power isn't the only technology that will help us solve the climate change problem and decarbonise our energy supply. The world needs a mix of solar, wind, marine, CCS and even nuclear power to prevent climate change and rising temperatures.

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