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It’s finally here: the ELECTRIC bike! Gone are the loud engine, exhaust fumes and muffler burns.  The EVT range of bikes provides a silent, exhaust free ride suited to Bermuda’s roads.  A smooth, silent ride and particularly enjoyable knowing that it is noise free and emissions free, too!  If everyone had an electric bike, our roads would become much quieter.

How it can be done in Bermuda:
goGreen.bm , in partnership with EVTAmerica, is authorized to sell and service the whole line of Electric Motor-Driven Cycles.  goGreen.bm has tested one of the EVT bikes in Bermuda for the last 6 months and have clocked over 1000 miles with no recorded problems.  

Did You Know?
goGreen Growth of vehicle ownership has led to air pollution, traffic congestion, pressure on our road space and increased road safety concerns.  Vehicle prices do not take into account costs of disposal, air pollution and time lost through congestion.
- In 1951, 6,326 vehicles were registered. Today there are 45,908 – a 720% increase!  These include 12,717 motorcycles over 50cc, 21,057 private cars and 3,824 trucks.
- If all vehicles were on the 130 miles of public road at the same time, there would be only 9 inches left between each vehicle.
- 10,253 new vehicles have been put on the roads in the last five years.
- In 1997, an average 9,629 vehicles entered the city of Hamilton between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (www.gov.bm , www.gogreen.bm , www.evtamerica.com )


Specifications How far can the electric scooter go while in the fully charged position?
Usually it can be with 45-55km per charge. The different driving operation, road situation and loading weight shall affect the range performance.

Would it be out of the energy on the road? How to deal with this situation?
The warning beep will sound together with the LED yellow light on in the low energy level (only 5 ~ 8 km distance energy left). It means it's the time to charge the battery. As the battery energy reduces, the driver can feel that the acceleration and extreme speeding will be decreased as well.

What is the climbing ability?
10.0 km/hr @ 14° slope/1p; 24.5 km/hr @ 8° slope/1p


Is is comfotable to ride on?
According to the drivers' experiences, riding on electric scooter is more comfortable than riding on petrol-powered scooter. You shall have a wonderful experience while you are riding on it.

Does the electric scooter need to be warmed up?
No. The driver just needs to turn on the main switch then go.

Does the driver need helmet while driving?
Yes. The driver needs to wear the helmet, just like the rule for regular scooter use.

Is the electric scooter easy to maintain?
Yes. EVT electric scooter is designed for the purpose of easy and low maintenance. Because lack of petrol-powered  scooter's system such as engine, transmission, transaxle, carburettor, ignition plug, gasoline/lubricant container make EVT scooter easy and low maintained.  The unique design of direct driven system makes EVT scooter much easier to maintain compared with the other electric scooters do. All the components are modular design; therefore, maintenance is not only easy, but also convenient (because the regular scooter dealer can do most of the maintenance).  The regular expendables like tires, bulbs, etc can be found in the regular scooter store. Besides that, EVT company provides one year warranty for all the components except battery and expendables.

Are there any dangers while washing the electric scooter?
NO. Due to its DC current source and 48V system design, there is no danger when the scooter is wet. But the user should be advised not pouring the water directly to the charger outlet, controller and internal battery set while cleaning.

Is it easy to recharge the battery?
YES. The users just need to insert the input plug into the wall outlet of AC110V (or 220V). This will start to recharge the batteries.


What is the battery's cycle life?
200 ~300 cycles, depending on the users' operation. The battery's cycle life will reduce or damage if insufficient charge status is retained for a long period of time. Normally the battery can last about 1.5 ~ 2 year.

How to know the battery status and conditions?

The display panel has a row for LED lights which indicate the amount of power available.
A. Full energy: First green light on
B. 50% energy left: Second green light on
C. 10% energy left: Yellow light on and warning beep sound (Charging recommend)
Reached lowest safety limit: Red light on (Charging immediately)

If one of the batteries is dead, do I need to change them all?
Not necessary. Ask your dealer to check the battery condition, and then replace the dead batteries.

What are the advantages of the electric scooters?
No pollution, no noise, smooth running, easy operation, low maintenance and low cost of energy usage.

What kind of people are suitable for the electric scooter?
People who will not ride more than 40 ~50 km are much more suitable riding electric scooter to their destinations, such as employees, housewives, students, guards, etc.

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